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The Nigretta Falls, previously known as the Upper Wannon Falls is located South West of the Grampians National Park, approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) west of Hamilton in Victoria and fed by the Wannon River. The River makes it's journey from the Grampians Mountains, tumbling over many rocky outcrops to create several streams of falling water over Wannon Falls before dropping into a large pool at the base to continue its journey to the Nigretta, some 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) downstream.

In contrast to the single plunge of Nigretta is more romantically interesting, with multi-channel segments of smaller drops cascading between joints in a much older (Devonian) volcanic rock. The amount of water varies, dependant on the time of year from a late winter, wet season, to the trickle of a long dry Summer.

The Nigretta Scenic Reserve including sections of the Wannon River Valley, contains an abundance of native plants of the Dundas Tablelands.

There are actually 2 falls, the Wannon and Nigretta, picturesque sister waterfalls located in close proximity to each other on the Wannon River. Viewing locations within this landscape include: Lookout points within the Wannon and Nigretta Scenic Reserves.

Major viewing corridors:

  • Wannon - Nigretta Falls Road

  • Camerons Road (Wannon Falls Reserve)

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