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Cairn Lookout provides sweeping views over Tower Hill and is located just a hop skip and jump west of Warrnambool. Tower Hill is, in fact, an inactive volcano, it's explosion formed a series of small cones and is now surrounded by a crater lake.

Tower Hill was declared Victoria's first National Park in 1892, the ideal place to experience the Australian bush, enjoy magnificent scenery and getting up close and personal with some of Australia's most iconic native birds, animals and wildflowers.

Roughly 4 kilometres wide and 80 metres high, Tower Hill was home to The Koroitgundidj people since before recorded history. The first confirmed sighting of Tower Hill by Europeans was by French explorers in 1802.

As part of the state park system, the area has been reforested with native flora and repopulated with native fauna over 40 years. Previous uses as pasture, fields for crops, a stone quarry, motorcycle racing venue, source of free timber, and convenient community rubbish dump saw the area almost completely denuded by the middle of the 20th century when virtually the only wildlife to be found were waterfowl that came to the crater lakes.

More than 300,000 native trees have been planted over the past two generations, creating an environment capable of sustaining an abundance of native animals, including koalas, emus, kangaroos, magpie geese, echidnas, possums and water birds. Tower Hill is now one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the region.

Cairn lookout is accessed via a short track to the East of the crater off Lake View Road, an easy track, even for 2 wheel drivers. The lookout provides sweeping views of the crater lake and surrounding area, and the walking trails below provide an abundance of unique flora and fauna.

You don't need full-on 4x4 to get your adventure on - Just get out there!

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