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Wonderful Warrnambool

There are so many 4x4 adventure blogs, pages and stories out there now days, but does everyone really aspire to do these things? Getting stuck in remote and outback locations isn’t everyone cup of tea, and let’s face it, it’s NOT CHEAP to set up a serious rig. So over the next year or 2 we will share with you the softer side of adventures here in regional Australia.

From easy and relaxing day trips to weekend wanderings and extended tours, everyone can do, with basic preparations. Not every adventure needs a rough rugged and expensive rig.

Is it’s really necessary to have a seriously kitted out 4WD to drive around Australia, or to enjoy our great country?

A few decades ago the answer would have been almost certainly YES, but these days it isn’t as critical as it once was. Our National Highway circles around the entire country, and it isn’t a short trip. The road is sealed virtually all the way so you can definitely drive around Australia and never get your tyres dirty. Getting out and seeing Australia without a 4WD is pretty easy, BUT . . . to view the the best this country has to offer you are missing some of the best without one. With so many great places to go where a 4WD allows you to explore once you get out there, why would you not?

Doing the once in a lifetime BIG LAP, why wouldn’t you want to be able to do and see everything when you have the opportunity?


After moving just a short distance from inland Hamilton to Warrnambool for work some 18 months ago was a big move, but a fantastic one. The region provides an array of , huge skies and distant views. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and vast landscapes, the sea air and often unpredictable weather provides endless adventure opportunities. From Port Fairy , Yambuk and Portland to Peterborough, Port Campbell, Childers Cove, Bay of Islands, The Twelve Apostles and the Otways, the South West Coast is now my home and endless adventure playground.

A short drive North leads to the Grampions National Park and further West, Cobboboonee National Park. You can be as relaxed or as energetic as you like, taking in the fresh sea air and beautiful landscapes as you go.

So let's get out there!!

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